RGB Mesh LED System Traxon Technologies (Osram)

Industrial Design  /  Engineering Ideation / Photography

The RGB Mesh LED lighting system can be used as an illuminated screen (every LED “pixel” is individually addressable) in the interior or exterior of buildings and structures. It consists of transparent modular panels with strings of LED lights running through and can be assembled to heights of 8m per strip and as wide as the application requires.


The LED strings utilize overmolding technology to guarantee the outdoor weatherproof rating IP67. Traxon technologies, a world leader in solid-state lighting technology solutions, hired Scazziga’s services to develop this new, minimally invasive façade system in response to the demands of leading current architects and lighting designers.


Due to the unmatched ease of deployment, exceptional functionality and thoroughly resolved industrial design, Mesh RGB has been awarded the prestigious red dot award in March of 2009.


The system includes a custom-designed software control and power-supply unit and that interlinks with the geometry of the mesh system.


One of the first installations was for the annual Christmas decorations in Hong Kong at Landmark Building and connecting bridges to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Princess building.


View of the system installed in Hong Kong's financial district during Christmas with street cablecars and HSBC building by Sir Norman Foster in the background.